A spokesperson on governance and security has commended the Akufo-Addo government for performing substantially well in their six-year stay in office.

Mr. Palgrave Boakye-Danquah while speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show, on Tuesday highlighted a number of flagship programs underpinning his statement.

Amongst them is the Free Senior High School (SHS) which he portrayed as one of their audacious flagship programs.

“Free SHS is not just for people that cannot afford it, it includes the average Ghanaian who ordinarily can afford but as a government, we’ve put money in the pocket of people. Our grandparents who are taking pensions are no more giving their money to their grandchildren to go to school.

“Uncles and aunties that are taking salaries at the end of the month are not giving monies to their nieces and nephews to go to school, because government has put those monies into their pockets. I believe that as a government, we have done considerably well,” he said.

His assertion comes on the back of criticism of the government’s flagship programs.

The quality of the Free SHS policy has been questioned.

Critics have said that the program focuses on quantity and not quality as desired.

Doubt has been cast on other government policies.

For the 1 District 1 Factory (1D1F) project, many say it has seen quite slow progress as many districts are yet to experience it.

Also, the Agenda 111 project which was supposed to be completed within a period of 12 months, but two years on, government is yet to complete one health facility.

Meanwhile, the government constantly urges the citizenry to have faith that the economy would bounce back.