The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been warned to stop the former President, Jerry John Rawlings, from coming close to his government.

A political analysts, Thomas Kusi Boafo who offered the advise said the former President is too dangerous a politician to be allowed room to operate around an NPP government.

“Jerry John Rawlings is only being used as a form of leverage for the NDC so that they would they would win public support,” he said.

Speaking on Oman FM’s Boiling Point on Tuesday, Kusi Boafo said the former President is pretending to like the NPP government but is also seeking to get a chance to know of its weakness and later used it against the party.

Describing Rawlings as a ‘smart politician’ the Lecturer said his utterances to the effect that the he would have loved the NDC to win the 2020 elections betrays his hidden intentions.

A man who is enjoying ‘goodies’ from the current administration, he said ought to have thrown his weight behind it but his hidden interest is preventing him from doing so.

The former President and his wife, has been enjoying a form of goodwill from the current administration.

They are almost always seen at every state function, a situation which has raised concerns among some NPP members.

They argue the former President cannot be trusted and hence must be distanced from the government.


  1. As bad as he J.J maybe there is good in every bad situation. We can live in peace by looking forward and for get the past. Only let the security keep eye on him. His 19 years did not do much but we have overcome it in peace which he was the peacemaker by going out of office. I will not vote for him but that does not take away the good part he play in Ghana today.

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