Madam Akua Donkor nearly caused a stir at the Accra Circuit Court ‘One’ yesterday when a police investigator was about to hand over to the Court as exhibit 4,900.00 dollars, he retrieved from one of the four persons who allegedly robbed her.

The founder of the Ghana Freedom Party, raised her right hand during court proceedings to react to the amount the investigator, Detective Sergeant Jonas claimed was the total amount he retrieved from the accused in the course of his investigations.

The judge, Mr Aboagye Tandoh, told her politely to be patient and tolerant in court.

But Madam Akua Donkor disclosed to some police personnel after court proceedings that the investigator had allegedly hidden 17,000.00 dollars he had earlier retrieved from the accused which was separate from the 4,900.00 dollars he handed over to the court as exhibit.

She threatened to take legal action against the investigator should he fail to declare the total amount of dollars so far collected from the robbers.

At the time of filing this report the victim (Akua Donkor) was dashing to report the matter to the Accra Regional Police Commander for necessary action to be taken.

Four persons namely, Yakubu Yusif, Barnabas Kayase (Akua Donkor’s driver), Opoku Agyemang and Abdul Razak Shaibu, are being tried for robbing the victim on December 30, 2016, of 30,000.00 dollars when she was on her way to the Kotoka International Airport to take a flight to America.

Some of the exhibits the investigator handed over to the court included a locally manufactured pistol which was allegedly used in the robbery, a pair of camouflage shorts, a military cap, a lady’s bag containing DVLA documents, a passport-size photograph and Insurance certificate as well as the police medical form issued to the victim to seek medical attention after she had been attacked and brutally assaulted.

Detective Sergeant Jonas said that the third accused, Mr Opoku Agyemang, made a telephone call to the second accused, Barnabas Kayase at about 3:30am on the day of the incident when the other accused had laid ambush, waiting to attack the victim.

But Mr Vincent Aikins, one of the defence counsel told the judge that the witness was not truthful to the court.

The court, again remanded the four persons in police custody until May 31, 2017.