The Founder and Leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Maame Akua Donkor is against the privatisation of the electricity company of Ghana.

She has announced her readiness to stage massive demonstration against the government for its decision to privatised ECG.

In an interview with the media, she indicated that, her outfit has put every measure across to exhibit their constitutional right and displeasure against the government over the said “overwhelming” decision.

“I and my people are ready any moment from this week will to the IGP’s office for our permit to demonstrate against the privatisation of ECG, we need more hands”, she indicated.

In her submission, she revealed that, the company if the government goes on to privatise it will bring drastic unemployment in the country.

“Do you want to kill us, our people are going to be laid off anyhow, I won’t sit for this unconstitutional thing to happen, am heading towards court after the demonstration”, she told.

She also said that, she is in contact with her legal team to sue the government for not listening to the prey, if it goes on, believing it won’t favour the country’s economy.


Utility service workers, especially ECG workers together with some stakeholders in the past objected to the concession arrangement, which is part of the $498.2 million the US government’s Millennium Challenge Compact II programme aimed at improving the country’s power sector, which has been bedevilled with managerial and operational inefficiencies.

Despite several stakeholder engagements by government to allow for a private concessionaire to run the operations of the state-owned power distributor under the agreement, the workers union seemed not to be satisfied with the agreement.


  1. Why should the media allowed this women to be saying what she do not even understand. those people following her told her the truth , that it was the formal president who sold the ECG before going.
    My humble advice is that the media should stop bring this kind of women on social media. She do not bring anything sense-able to to table at the end of the day.
    For once we should be serious and stop this kind of joke with the Women. After the rain have stop she is now going to fetch water.