The lawsuit filed against the General Legal Council (GLC), and the Attorney General by the 499 aggrieved law students denied admission into the Ghana School of Law has been withdrawn.

Lawyer for the students, Martin Kpebu, who confirmed to Citi News that the case has been withdrawn, said the decision was premised on the AG’s letter to the GLC for the aggrieved students to be admitted.

The students took the matter to court on the basis that they were denied admission to the Ghana School of Law by the General Legal Council, although they passed the examination by the mandated 50 percent pass mark.

Several appeals were made for the students to be admitted, including Parliament, which directed the General Legal Council to admit the students.

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Dame in a letter to Parliament subsequently indicated that their directive was unlawful.


However, it has emerged in a letter written to the GLC before the parliamentary order, that the Minister of Justice, Godfred Dame, had actually asked the GLC to grant admission to the students.

In the letter, the Attorney General suggested that the students be admitted in November this year or in May 2022.

He, however, recommended three pathways by which the admission can be done.