Some residents of Afram Plains are frantically searching for hair purported to be hidden in the Bible which has the potency to prevent Coronavirus.

The claim is reported to have been made by a Prophet who said he got the vision during the National Day of Fasting and Prayer.

The widely circulated belief has forced many residents to search for the so-called hair in the Bible to perform spiritual direction according to the Prophet.

“A Prophet called someone in this community yesterday that there is a hair in the Bible so we should search and that anyone who sees it should read the exact scripture where the hair was, then after that put the hair in water then you and your family will drink some and use some to bath for protection against coronavirus disease that has come.

“Some people say they have seen the hair others too have not so those that have seen the hair are sharing the water with friends and families,” a resident of Ekye Amanfrom where the disinformation has gone viral told Kasapa News.

Ghana has recorded 132 confirmed cases of coronavirus including three fatalities as of March 26, 2020.

However, many residents in rural communities are ill-informed about the disease due to lack of awareness and therefore continue to depend on the diluted information though majority depend on the media for information on Covid-19.

Many rural dwellers in Afram Plains South believe the disease is confined in cities therefore not much perturbed.

The Afram Plains South District Assembly has meanwhile supplied handwashing buckets to fishmongers, traders and taxi drivers positioned two on the Ferry to encourage frequent handwashing.