Management of the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital has threatened to discharge home 300 patients on admission following an indefinite strike action by nurses in the hospital.

Nurses at the Accra Psychiatrist Hospital embarked on an indefinite strike three days ago in protest of the indecent conditions at work and the government’s failure to provide them with drugs for the clients.

Nonetheless, member of the communication team for the hospital, Adom Selase in an interview with Adom News said there are ongoing negotiations with the government all in favor to cause the nurses return back to their workplace.

He stressed that, if the negotiations go wayward then they have no option than to give the 300 clients the green light to go back to their various homes to treat themselves.

The communication team member further explained that, the patients who are to be sent home are those who have been abandoned by their families.

“It is true. The strike action has affected work drastically, but we’re sure the best way to express our concerns to the government to run to our aid is to call on the strike” she stated worriedly.