Scores of people who were on their way to a cemetery at Kormantse-Nkum in the Central Region to dig a grave have been involved in an accident that has left some of the ‘gravediggers’ unconscious and others with head, knee and leg injuries.
The 17 people who are from Abandze, have been rushed to the emergency department of the Saltpond Government Hospital in the Mfantsiman Municipality for medical attention.
The Kia which was loaded with cement, concrete blocks, sand, construction tools and alcoholic beverage as well as the 17 people crashed into a tree at the bottom of the road that leads to the cemetery.
The truck with registration GM 3749-13 was moving up the slope at about 8:30am Tuesday when it suddenly descended due to what is suspected to be mechanical failure.
Attempts by the driver to stop the vehicle failed as the breaks of the truck failed to work due to the amount of weight in the vehicle, eyewitnesses recounted.
Four people, including the driver occupied the front of the truck while the others sat in the bucket with the load. Some of the victims had cracks in their heads, legs twisted while others are unconscious.