Bono Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Baffoe, popularly known as Abronye DC

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman for Bono region, Kwame Baffoe, has descended heavily on Member of Parliament for claiming the free Senior High School (SHS) double-track system is “forcing some female students into prostitution and their male colleagues into armed robbery.”

According to him, such comments make it clear the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is indeed against free SHS.

Comparing crime statistic under the erstwhile Mahama regime to now, it was obvious the crime rate then was higher than now which according to Mr Baffoe negates Hon. Adongo’s claims.

Abronye DC, as he is popularly called, in a statement said “the NDC is trying every thing possible to make Ghanaians loose interest in the policy by their consistent lies and propaganda against the policy.”

Read statement below:

Re: Akufo Addo Double Track Forcing students into prostitution, Armed robbery, etc Says Isaac Adongo

I have read with absolute dismay and disgust an analysis made by the NDC Bolgatanga Central MP Issac Adongo’s fallaciously and mischievously insinuating that, “The double-track system being implemented to accommodate all students in the Free SHS programme is forcing some female students into prostitution and their male colleagues into armed robbery”

It must be noted that, the attempt by the NDC Party to discredit and make the Free SHS Policy unpopular in the face of the ordinary Ghanaian is now getting out of hand.

To begin with, it could be recalled that, just last week the Minority (NDC in Parliament ) made some uncomplimentary and unparliamentary comments about the Free SHS policy asserting among other things that, by virtue of the introduction of the policy, about 1, 433 students have been impregnated and that has inherently increased the spate of teenage pregnancy in the country.

A statement which is not only fallacious but a clear display of sheer ignorance of which not even an insane person will believe it. Since when did free SHS become a cause of teenage pregnancy?

Teenage Pregnancy started way back in the ancient days of Adam and Eve so for someone to link teenage pregnancy in Ghana in recent times to the implementation of a policy is a clear indication that the NDC is against the policy and hence keen to cancel and scrap away the policy in the forbidden and unlikely event of winning power.

To set the records straight with respect to the minority statement before addressing the useless bogus, imbecile and insane comments made by Isaac Adongo, below is the detailed report on teenage pregnancies in the central region of Ghana which was published by the Ghanaian times paper on the 11th day of July 2019 with the caption the “Teenage Pregnancy on decline in Central Region.”
(1) Teenage Pregnancies recorded in 2014 was 13, 355
(2)In 2015 ———13, 014
(3) 2016 ———— 12, 404
(4) 2017 ————— 11,474 was recorded respectively.

All these happened when free SHS was not in existence.
As I have already posited, the NDC is trying every thing possible to make Ghanaians loose interest in the policy by their consistent lies and propaganda against the policy.

Isaac Adongo, a Dogologist and a self acclaimed economist in an attempt to add more salt to what the minority had already said is now describing the free SHS students as prostitutes and armed robbers.

Isaac Adongo’s logic is that with the introduction of the double track the students are now pursuing different courses outside campus and such courses include prostitution and armed robbery.

My question here is, So are our free SHS students now prostitutes and armed robbers and if “No , then the parents of these students should take notice of how John Mahama’s shadow Finance Minister is denting the image of their children and insulting their children who have benefited and from the free SHS policy.

In order to set the record straight for Isaac Adongo, below is the annual crime statistics from the Ghana Police Service concerning armed robbery cases between 2014 to 2016 during which period Free SHS was not in existence.
(1) In 2014, a total of 1,116 robbery cases were recorded,
(2) In 2015, 1,411 robbery cases were recorded
(3)2016, 1, 397 robbery cases were recorded.

With these bare facts, about robbery and prostitution vices recorded during the NDC regime whilst free SHS was not in existence, now let us all analyze whether or not it was sensible for Issac Adongo to described our future leaders as armed robbers.

It is vividly clear and beyond every reasonable presumption that the NDC and John Mahama are satanically and demonically against the Free SHS policy.