Policy think tank ASEPA has claimed about 18,000 Ghanaians have died as a result of the banking sector cleanup.

According to ASEPA boss Mensah Thompson, scores of victims of the exercise have also been ejected from their homes.

18,000 workers of the affected cleanup exercise have died. 6,500 orphans are currently struggling to fend for themselves in the unbridled cleanup exercise sanctioned by the Akufo-Addo led government. Many have been ejected from their homes and the sick are unable to access their cash to access health care.

Mensah Thompson, asepa

Analysing the data, Mr Thompson said 4,500 direct and 2,000 indirect jobs were lost from the revocation of 16 banks’ licenses.

He noted that additional 4,000 direct and 3,800 indirect jobs were lost after the revocation of licenses of 23 Savings and Loan companies, nationwide.

He added that 9,000 of the affected workers were currently homeless.

Below is an impact assessment graph released by ASEPA:

ASEPA said the data was collected from previous customers of these collapsed banks and financial institutions and previous employees and agents of the financial institutions.

ASEPA’s study comes on the back of renewed agitations by customers and staff of the collapsed financial institutions for their locked-up funds and severance packages respectively.