A nine-year-old girl in the Central regional town of Kasoa is struggling to walk after she was alleged to have been sexually assaulted by her teacher.

The teacher is said to have inserted his fingers into the vagina of the Primary Two pupil after offering to teach her what she had missed when she reported late to vacation classes.

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Unknown to the poor girl, the teacher had an agenda. She recounts that the teacher asked all the other pupils in the class to go home so he could use the classroom.

Even a protest from the girl for her friend to be allowed to stay while she was taught, was rejected by the teacher.

She continued that “he put me on one of the tables and started inserting his fingers into my genitals. It was painful, I started struggling with him.”

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During the sexual act, however, the victim in her attempt to flee fell off the table and hit her pelvis on another table in the classroom.

She managed to run away but could not tell her mother or anyone in her family about her ordeal.

Joy News is uncertain if the fall is the cause of the pain or the alleged act.

Maxwell has a full report in the video above.