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1. How to deal with a jealous partner

Jealousy can wreak havoc on the most stable relationship. We have many novels or movies portraying the story of a husband who is jealous of his wife’s success or a jealous wife who is suspicious of her husband’s friends. No matter what the situation might be, it is not easy to deal with such a partner. But that does not mean a person has to give up on the relationship just because he or she is with a jealous partner. Here are a few tips to resolve such a situation without losing the loved one.

2. Find the reason behind this jealousy

It’s highly unlikely that a partner will grow jealous of his or her partner overnight. There must be some underlying cause or trigger, and according to experts, jealousy is often a result of broken trust. It is therefore very important to get to the root of the problem. This first step of discovering the reason behind jealousy will require a bit of self-analysis.

3. Patience is the key

Sometimes a person might not realise that it is his or her behaviour that might trigger jealousy in the partner. For example, if your partner is jealous of your friends because you spend a lot of time with them, this is a very avoidable situation. This is an avoidable situation which can be easily resolved by striking the right balance between your social life and the time you spend with your partner. Again there are certain cases, like a partner being jealous for the other’s success, that requires a lot of efforts to resolve the issue. So, be prepared and don’t lose your patience.

4. Is it a feeling of being left behind or the patriarchy?

According to relationship experts, there might be many reasons why a partner might feel jealous of the other. A lot of times, the fault lies in our patriarchial upbringing where men are expected to be the head of the family. So, when a wife becomes more successful professionally, it might make her husband feel jealous. Also, another common reason that instigates a partner’s jealousy is the feeling of being left behind. For example, a wife who spends her time looking after household chores and taking care of children might often grow jealous of her husband’s social life because she might be suffering from this fear of being left out. It is very important to understand the underlying cause.

5. Don’t play the blame game

Couples who become victims of jealousy are often seen playing the blame game. This is the worst thing to do during such testing times. Instead of resorting to resentment for each other, look for amicable ways to tackle the problem.

6. It takes two to tango

Remember, in a relationship it always takes two to tango. Whether you are going through a beautiful phase or navigating through rough weather, which in this case is your partner’s jealousy, it requires efforts from both the partners to take their relationship to the next level. Once you get to the root of the problem, try to resolve it together. If you find your partner reluctant to do the same, take it as your responsibility to encourage him or her to make efforts.

7. Communication and counselling

According to experts, communication is the key to resolve any issues in a relationship, including this. Talk to your partner and also tell him or her how it makes you feel to find the person you love and trust most simmering with jealousy. If this does not resolve the issue, taking help from an expert will help a lot. Seek guidance from a relationship counselor to revive and install the love and passion in your relationship.

8. Set boundaries but do not give your partner a chance to get jealous

A jealous partner will often demand to get full access to your personal matters, including passwords of phone and emails, as proof of your faithfulness. In a moment of weakness, you might even agree to all the demands but once you do so there is no going back. So, it’s important that you set some boundaries but while doing the same you also need to make sure that you do not give your partner more reasons to get jealous.