After breaking for a while, the all-children talk show on Joy Prime, 4Kids Paradise, is to introduce new presenters in its latest season.

The show, which is aired every Saturday at 3 p.m., deals mainly with children’s affairs and seeks to educate them on impactful issues.

4Kids Paradise is an educational and entertainment-oriented programme uniquely designed for kids where children-related matters are discussed between the hosts and seasoned guests.

For the past years, the show has attracted a lot of eyeballs and was adjudged the show with Outstanding Set Design in Ghana at the Industry Awards Dinner for the 2015 Television Awards Ghana.

Anticipations are higher as the show rolls out more enthralling and exciting episodes with a whole new set of hosts on Saturday, February 24.

Below are the profiles of the new faces of the show:

Christiana Ntow Koranteng Debrah

Affectionately called Akosua Bugatti, was born on September 12, 2010, and attends The Morning Star School. Christy loves reading, swimming, surfing the internet, and dancing.

She was one of the kid presenters who kept us glued to our screens during the maiden edition of the kids cooking reality show, Big Chef, and is poised to take you on a wonderful adventure on the all-new 4Kids Paradise.

Christiana Ntow Koranteng Debrah aka Akosua Bugatti

Kekeli Apenu-Suchman, a charismatic 10-year-old, is one of the new faces of Joy Prime’s “4kids Paradise.” He lights up the screen with his infectious energy and natural charm.

With a passion for storytelling and connecting with his young audience, Kekeli brings a unique blend of warmth and enthusiasm to each show. Whether exploring educational topics, conducting interviews, or engaging in playful activities, Kekeli effortlessly captures the hearts of viewers, making each episode a delightful adventure.

His curiosity and genuine love for sharing knowledge makes him a beloved figure in the world of children’s television, leaving a lasting impact on young minds everywhere.

Kekeli Apenu-Suchman

Cayla King is a vibrant 11-year-old TV presenter. She gives off a captivating burst of colour on the screen. With a flair for expressing herself and an infectious energy that resonates, Cayla is a playful yet intelligent force in the world of children’s television.

Unafraid to speak her mind, she effortlessly weaves curiosity into her hosting style, ensuring that her audience is not only entertained but also challenged to think beyond their years.

Cayla’s ability to ask the hard questions showcases her mature and inquisitive nature, making her a standout personality who leaves a lasting impression on viewers of all ages.

Cayla King

Join the hosts, Akosua Bugatti, Kekeli, and Cayla, every Saturday on the Joy Prime channel at 3p.m., as they thrill you with exhilarating kids-related topics with experts and other entertaining activities on the show. Your Saturdays just get better with 4Kids Paradise.