The Ashanti Regional Police command has deployed 4,200 police personnel to ensure safety in the region during the Christmas festivities.
Regional Police Commander, COP Ken Yeboah, made this known on Thursday, December 14, 2017, at the operational briefing of the command’s strategic policing intervention for the Christmas and New Year period at the forecourt of the regional headquarters in Kumasi.
He said all recreational centres, entertainment grounds, convention grounds and drinking bars among others will be saturated with police officers during the holidays.
Mr Yeboah indicated that the command will not allow anybody to tarnish the hard won reputation of the police during Christmas as well as the upcoming extraordinary conference of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) which coincides with the regional ministers’ conference scheduled to be held in the region.
“We are about entering the Christmas period and as you are all aware, during this, we have the criminals also trying to infiltrate to commit crimes. They are also going to give us problems and that is what we are all going to prevent. We are not going to allow anybody to tarnish the reputation that we have built,” he said.
“We are going to use about 4,200 policemen during this period, from tomorrow the regional ministers’ conference will take place in the Ashanti Region, so, we are starting from tomorrow. If you are detailed to go and perform duty, please don’t loiter. If you are caught, disciplinary action will be taken against you,” he warned the personnel.
He further urged personnel who are sick to go to hospital and bring their medical report while warning them not to fake sickness since disciplinary action will be taken against them if found out.
“If you are detailed for duty, we don’t want excuses. If you are sick, go to hospital. This is not the time for anybody to complain [that] I am sick, I am that, I am pregnant or what, No! If you fake sickness and we get you, disciplinary action will be taken against you. We have to work hard so that everybody will feel free. Nobody will entertain any fear. Let us ensure that the criminals are arrested and prosecuted,” he told the personnel.
He also entreated them to act professionally and desist from assaulting or molesting anyone.
“I do not want to hear anybody extorting money from anybody. If you do that and I get you, you know what I will do to you, let’s be professionals,” he said.
Mr Yeboah also warned against the use of unregistered motorbikes and vehicles in the region, and therefore, directed his officers to arrest individuals engaged in such activities to be prosecuted.
He also asked drivers to obey traffic regulations since the command will not hesitate to arrest offenders and send to them court.
The law enforcement agency has revealed that they will not hesitate to arrest sellers of firecrackers and other explosives.
He noted that credible information on criminals will be vital for the work of the police and encouraged the public to assist with voluntary tipoffs.