Women are mostly blamed for infertility in marriage

Every couple should be respected regardless of the state of infertility in their marriage.

Child bearing is a responsibility for both husband and wife and not for only an individual. Both individuals work together to bring forth a child into the world. 

In some communities, the women are blamed for not being able to bear a child leaving the man alone. This sometimes goes on for a long time unsolved.

The woman takes all the blame without the support of her husband to console her if she’s not lucky. 

Usually, there is pressure from both sides and it may even lead to the man being forced to marry again just because of a child not forthcoming. 

Compared to men, women suffer greatly; they go through depression and stress. When the problem may be caused by the man.

 Most infertile men rather accuse their wives of barrenness.

 In a typical Ghanaian society, blaming women for their infertility is the norm.

But, it has been proven scientifically that 40-50% of infertility is attributed to men. Sadly however, women are still largely blamed for the childlessness in the home without taking into consideration the fact that men could also be at fault.

Source: Adomonline | Catherine Mensah