Do you know demons are spirits that live within the spiritual realm but have access to the physical? Demons have spiritual sensors, they cannot be seen through the physical eyes and they operate according to behaviour, lifestyle and spiritual sensing.

They can get access to you when they sense negative energy around you or when they recognise any bad thing inside of you that is not of God.

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Demons don’t just move into your body unless they sense a vacuum. As spiritual beings which they are, they can fill and take any form and shape. A free moving demon can sense things that are not associated with God.

They go after anything that is unclean and it can be in form of acts, behaviour or thoughts.

Having said all that, you should also know that, there are ways demons get access into the human body, just to own and rule over it.

They don’t have a soul and possessing the human body gives them that soul they long desire but they use it for their selfish desires and aims.

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However, here below are three ways demons target the human spirit:

Empty Vessels

What I mean by an empty vessel here simply means having no spiritual authority or power in you. Most demons seek for such empty vessels to inhabit and take control of. This is why it is important to be charged up with the word of God inside of you daily. This is the food of the spirit and you should feed it on a daily. This way the devil cannot get access into your body.


Demons are clever evil spirit beings. They are good observers of human nature and if they sense that the human body behaviour is not worthy of Gods presence they act on that to occupy the body. This is one major way they get access to the human body.

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Any behaviour that goes against the rules and laws of God is a potential vessel for demons to inhabit. In other words, when you have bad behaviours, bad negative energy, doubts, and even having grudges against someone, it can invite demonic spirits into your body.

Unclean Spirits

This is usually the fastest way. Your spirit becomes unclean if you break the commandment of God. For example, fornication, alcoholism, prostitution, adultery and so on. All this brings about unclean spirit and they give direct access to demons to get into your body. The Bible said, your body is the temple of God and it should be kept sacred for that reason.

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