For some 240 kindergarten kids of the Manwe E/A Basic School in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region, though they have committed no crime, they are on daily basis ‘jailed’ for hours during school period.
Typical of the congestion in most Ghanaian prisons, kids seeking education at Manwe Basic School are crammed into a single small classroom for hours, a situation that impedes teaching and learning.
The teachers and the kids during school hours, battle with poor ventilation due to lack of proper windows in the classroom, which is a recipe for widespread of any possible communicable disease.
Teachers struggle to teach the kids most of whom are forced to sit on the floor to study because of inadequate desks.
Their teachers say the congestion is huge and a hindrance to teaching and learning as they have to meander through the kids to be able to have full access to the classroom while they teach them.
Watch the full story by Bright Nana Amfoh, which was done for Missions on TV3 with support from Star-Ghana and funding from UKAID, DANIDA and European Union.