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How much do we really know about our vaginas? You will actually be surprised, by knowing these interesting vagina facts, that a lot of us don’t know enough about our vagina and our body. Let’s just start by saying it is a magical force to be reckoned with. The vagina is capable of enduring so much and understanding it will help you admire your body even more. Also, you should know that when it comes to sex the vagina is pretty special, so here are 23 interesting vagina facts that everyone should know…

1. Our vaginas are very elastic

This means they endure a lot of expansion and change, especially during childbirth. However, the vaginal tears that most women fear during childbirth are mostly very small and they can actually heal pretty quickly.

2. Orgasms and stress

Orgasms release hormones that help your anxiety. Yes, sex and orgasms are good for your mental health. Happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are released and can boost your mood and actually relieve physical pain.

3. Hymens

Not all women are born with hymens and sex isn’t the only way it can break. They can also be broken from certain sports or activities.

4. Vagina fart? 

You know what I’m talking about…It’s actually not a fart, don’t panic. It’s just trapped air getting released.

5. The clitoris

The clitoris gets bigger when it’s turned on and aroused, because of the blood flowing to it.

6. Why do women have better orgasms?

The penis has 4000 nerve endings and the clitoris has double that with 8000 nerve endings! So yes, the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis, which is why women have more intense orgasms.

7. What’s the vagina and what’s the vulva?

The vagina is the canal that goes up to the cervix. The vuvla is actually what we see on the outside, which are the the vagina ‘lips’ called the labia, the clitoris, the vaginal opening and urethra (where we pee from).

8. They don’t all look the same

The labia does not look the same for everybody. We all have unique looking labia that are different in size, shape and color.

9. Change in color?

Your vulva and labia’s colors don’t necessarily match your normal or natural skin tone. They can be darker or lighter. Also, things down there can be a little inconsistent so don’t panic if some areas are darker than others. During sex or arousal the color can actually change and get darker because of the blood rushing to it.

10. Blue Balls? No, we get Pink Balls

You’ve probably heard of blue balls, which is the pain and discomfort that happens to men when they’re aroused for a long time with no release or simply, when they’re sexually frustrated. Some say that women can actually get a similar feeling, it’s not dangerous but can be uncomfortable.

11. Bacteria

Things like antibiotics can lead to the growth of the already existing bacteria in our vaginas, causing a yeast infection.

12. Multiple Orgasms

Yes, women are luckier than men when it comes to orgasms because women can have more than one orgasm right after another. However, men need a while before they can climax again.

13. Vaginas expand for sex

Vaginas expand and swell for sex. They can expand up to 2 inches wide (around 5 centimeters). It is normally an average between 1 to 2.5 inches wide. When aroused the vagina gets wider and actually elongates, getting deeper to prepare for penetration.

14. Giving birth

Our vagina walls can get even bigger when giving birth and pushing a baby out. 

15. We need the clitoris to orgasm

There’s a huge misconception that all women can reach orgasms simply through penetration. While some women actually can climax from penetration only, most women need the clitoris to be stimulated in order to have an orgasm.

16. Lubrication…More pleasure

The more wet you are down there, the more pleasurable it is for a woman. That’s why foreplay is essential so that the arousal and discharge can make the process more comfortable and sexier. If natural lubrication is not on your side or you’re too dry, it is completely normal and common to buy lube and you should…to make things more comfortable and pleasurable for you.

17. You can work out your vagina.

Yes exercise your vagina to strengthen it. Ever heard of Kegel exercises? They help strengthen the muscles around the vagina opening, which can help you control your orgasms better and make them stronger. They can also help with making sex last longer and feel better for both you, because you can tighten things up down there during sex.

18. What’s the final verdict on the G-spot?

Well, there isn’t one. People can’t seem to find definite proof of the existence of the G-spot and there is a lot of debate around it. The clitoris though cannot fail a lot of women, so just experiment and focus on figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. Until people figure out what’s going on with the mythical G-spot, let’s consider the clitoris to be one.

19. Your vagina smells

A lot of the time that’s completely normal because we have healthy bacteria down there that we need to balance our PH levels and they do have a smell. The smell also depends on hormones, discharge during sex and even diet.  However, you should see a doctor is the odor is too unfamiliar or worrying.

20. Food is rumored to affect your scent down there

Some people say pineapple will make it smell great. No one really knows if that’s actually true. However, if you smell something weird or too pungent you should definitely see a doctor to stay on the safe side in case it’s something that needs treatment.

21. Self-cleaning

Your vagina pretty much cleans itself. Like mentioned above, bacteria cleans our vagina naturally and balances the PH. That’s why you see discharge sometimes. Don’t clean or over clean your vagina with anything that is not recommended by your doctor.

22. The vagina ages

It changes with age in appearance, color, lubrication and maybe even size, because of the decrease in estrogen levels. However, it doesn’t necessarily affect pleasure.

23. The clitoris is only for your pleasure

Some research has shown that the clitoris’s actual only function is sexual pleasure.