Pastor Mensa Otabil

General Overseer at the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Mensa Otabil has said has urged Ghanaians to lean to cope with changes in their lives.

Using the year 2020 as an example, he said it is a year God is ushering the world into a new season.

Dr Otabil described this year as a year that God will accelerate development for those who see the opportunities and take advantage of it.

“2020 is a change lesson, it’s a new season. Covid-19 did not create it, it only accelerated something that was already happening,” he said.

Speaking at this week’s church service which was both online and in-person he said despite the ramifications of Covid-19, God will present the world is with new opportunities.

Dr Otabil advised that in order for Ghanaians to reap the benefits in “this new season,” there is a need to re-strategise.

He likened the situation to a classroom setting, where a bell rings for lessons to be changed.

The ICGC Founder said during that period, changes are made in order to enable the smooth run of the next class.

“When there is a change lesson taking place, the dark board or whiteboard is wiped, and some new things are about to be written, some new things are about to be learnt. Some new attitudes must be learnt,” he said.

“I believe we are going to advance in development,” he added.