Hundreds were in attendance to dance the year away on Christmas Eve at the Unique Floral Court in Tema Community 9 as highlife musician Dada Kwaku Duah popularly known as Dada KD mounted the stage to give off electrifying performance.

“Odo Mu Anigye” was the first song the highlife artiste performed to entertain the crowd who were willing to dance till the soles of their shoes wear off.

No space was left on the dancefloor as patrons moved in every angle to display their various dance moves.

Every tom, dick and harry couldn’t afford to miss out on the fun hence were busy shaking their bodies to await the highlife greats who were to perform later in the night.

Adom Highlife Fiesta is a highlife unlimited event with some of Ghana’s best highlife artists that you may have to pay millions of Ghana cedis to watch in concert.

See these entertaining photos below: