The handbag of the Quiz Mistress for the 2017 National Maths and Science Quiz went missing after the event.

Dr Elsie Effah Kaufmann’s handbag was declared missing after students from the Prempeh College, winners of the 2017 edition, stormed the stage with their heads to receive the coveted trophy.

The black silk handbag with a red zip, Dr Kaufmann exclusively told’s Kwaku Nti and Dennis Adu, contained her valuables including her phone, ID Cards from the University of Ghana where she is a senior lecturer, her car keys and home keys as well.

Dr Kaufmann said she realized her handbag had been stolen after she had helped staff and students of Prempeh College to lift the trophy, which a hundred and fifty (150) school contested.

The lack of CCTV cameras at the National Theatre made it impossible to discover the persons who stole the handbag which contained several of her belongings.

Her phone which was in the handbag has been switched off by the persons who did away with the bag.


  1. She needs a couple attendants or personal assistants while hosting the event. An attendant would have secured the bag while the lady (hostess) was caught in the frenzy after the event. The organizers of the contest MUST get her some personal attendant(s) next time.

  2. N we keep preaching day in day out about a better Ghana. How can a big multi-purpose stage like the national theatre lack cctv cameras!!!!
    This is seriously humiliating for the world to see. Ghana has a long way to go.

  3. Until the bag and the full content is produced, Prempeh College should be suspended from participating in future NSMQ events…. We can’t preach virtues and practice vices.

  4. This is very shameful, these cases of theft in various senior highs are taking root even outside its walls? I challenge the Ghana Police Service, and the Bureau of National investigation to take this matter up, National Union Of Ghana Students, must get involved, We must relinquish this act outrightly…..

  5. Secondary school lyf for u ,pple hv worked hard to raise da name of prempeh college high n one idiot steals to tarnish da image of da school.

  6. The students that attend these events are rowdy, indisciplined and downright not sensible. When you attend the event at the UGBS, there is no decorum in even entering the auditorium. Why should you go onto the stage to celebrate like that? This is why ghana doesn’t go on. People cultivate indecent behaviours from the high schools and continue with it to the workplace and then people are “proud” of these so called big schools where boys are tolerated to be rowdy and uncouth.

  7. Ghana always lacking. Inability to handle ourselves has always being a great problem.i wonder how we would still be living if Britain didn’t colonise us for some time. Change is a long way!!!!

  8. Ooooh what a shame after a great hyp.
    We thought this is a great beginning of our long dead NSMQ come back to life. Hmmmm GH. We have no future oooo

  9. I second the move of taking back the trophy from the winning school,till they produce the Mistress’ bag. This is because, its the winning school who stormed the stage which is closer to her (The quiz conductor).

  10. It’s a pity. But l think efforts should be made to retrieve the stolen bag. The level of indiscipline in our second cycle institutions are getting overboard

  11. Scientific and mathematical way of causing a solid object as a hand bag to evaporate. Passing both the theory and practical. I pray people’s hearts and other organs do not get missing wen they grow up to become doctors working in another theatre.

  12. Comment:So sad; we really should get the bag back for her; this doesn’t speak well about not only our second cycle institutions, but also the nation as a whole

  13. This is sad. From my point of view many other thefts may have happened but this would be the only reported one. Thieves usually patronize such events and any one who has studied criminology would know that in organizing such an event,this would be a predictable incident. They would wait in the crowd as the event is open to the Public, and when else would be a better time to strike than the joyous moment when all attention will be on the crowded stage. I recommend security measures in future

  14. It’s rather unfortunate that Prempeh students are being accused. There’s the possibility that a miscreant took advantage of the euphoria to perpetrate that act. People are smarter than we can think of. Let’s pray for a good news that someone was keeping it for her

    • I am very sure a student from Adisadel college took the bag because they lost..they are in pain and i am sure they did that to hurt the quiz master

  15. Comment:Hmmmm eiii this is the country we r living in oooo. Stds nowadays dont fear anything kraaa. Quiz mistress bag been stolen, what a shameful act

  16. This is very disrespectful…
    After all her excellent work.. Is this how u pay her…. And this seriously doesn’t speak well of all the students who went for the program …whoever took the bag Should return it.

  17. Comment: Am sure its a hand bag not a table bag. so how did she left it there.
    Land line and Mobile phone has the same uses but different functions. All the same ITS VERY BAD AND UNFORTUNATE

  18. God bless our homeland Ghana, and make any student who stole the bag to bring it back. The bag could be stolen by a Teacher don’t blame only the students.

    • We are talking about a missing hand bag here and how to retrieve it,look at what you are saying.What has the President got to do with this issue. Can’t you be serious in your life just for once.

  19. This thing happens a lot at the national theatre….whenever there is an event sth gets stolen on or backstage….the workers at the theatre are to blame….bt adomfm ur reportage is mischievous….to say that after the students mounted the stage….it cld hv been b4

  20. Comment:its quite unfortunate that it happened at the time prempeh won the quiz but what we know is that let us wait n find the culprit who took the quiz Mistress bag .
    Prempeh college deserves the award

  21. No guys stop subjecting this to the right people. Like some of you are saying, the trophy is now for the school. They have strive for it. U can say since it’s missing we should disavow them their trophy but I think the blame should go to the organizers who didn’t really notice there could be bad nots among the prudent ones n leaving them to troop on stage . Ooh but sorry to the mistress.

  22. Wat has happened has already happened and she should be thankful they didn’t steal her too or start cutting her to carry more stuff in her bag…

  23. This is rather unfortunate. I suggest the organizers of this quiz must provide the Mistress with some attendants to secure her bag and other belongings next time

  24. Very sorry in deed. How could this happen? This is why I do advocate always that we are missing the way educationally by only focussing on course work, neglecting moral sensitization of our youth and students. The Ministry of Education will never urge GES to sell moral books to students other than course books just because of politics. In fact, our students are dying of indiscipline. We must all wake up.

  25. The tragedy: We’re preparing the future for our children, but we’re not preparing the children for the future. What a half baked generation. May the handbag be like the ark of God in the camp of the philistines. Very unfortunate! Maranatha, Lord Jesus come!

  26. Ghana is very popular for Christianity and other religions that advocate morality. Religion is taught in classrooms, yet we are plagued with corrupt and obscene ways. Is there a time coming that can bring change? It is just so disheartening to hear this; students do not fear God or teachers. They go to the extent of stealing a hand bag? The whole world hears and sees our dirty corrupt ways. Ghana! Repent. Evil lames a country; Evil kills progress; Evil is a virus to success. Prempeh students, if you did this, then you have really caused much harm and you have put the reputation of your school in harms way. Return it. It is a curse. It is not a blessing. God will speak.


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