Two persons have sustained severe gunshot wounds at Busia Junction near Odorkor in Accra, following a robbery attack on a Mobile Money operation point.
According to eyewitnesses who spoke to Citi News’ Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie, the two suspected robbers in a saloon car approached the Mobile money point around 8:00 pm on Thursday and asked the vendor to hand over her money.
In the process, they fired a warning shot after the female vendor screamed for help.
One of the injured persons, a male, who was shot in the head, was about transacting business with the vendor when he was shot and his bag taken from him.
It is unclear whether he may have angered the suspects by attempting to resist their action.
The other injured person, who was shot in the rib, was also lying on the floor in pain, as residents made several failed attempts to reach the police and emergency services.
According to Ebenezer Afanyi Dadzie, as of the time he was leaving the scene, the two had been taken to Hospital in private vehicles by relatives and onlookers.
A police car later arrived at the scene from the Odorkor Police Command. The vendor who manages the Frankmens Ventures Mobile Money point, a male, is said to have gone to church that evening and had left the business in the care of his sister.
Residents expressed shock as to how the robbers could carry out the dastardly act in such a busy area in the full glare of passers-by.
However, others told Citi News they had experienced this new trend of robbery at Mobile Money points within the vicinity.
3 wounded in robbery of Mobile Money Agent at Sahara
On December 29, 2017, three persons, including an 11-year-old boy, sustained gunshot wounds after a similar robbery incident at Sahara, near Dansoman in Accra on Thursday afternoon.
According to residents, the robbers who stormed the shop of a mobile money vendor, shot at him when he refused to hand over his sales and was running away.
Some of the injured persons who were rushed to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital hospital are still receiving treatment.
No security at Mobile Money Points
Robbery attacks at Mobile Money joints appear to be the new wave of crime at least in Accra, considering that thousands of agents are engaged in it, serving many Ghanaians who are either sending, receiving, or loading money into their wallets.
There is virtually no security at most mobile money joints, despite the huge transactions taking place at some points.
Source: citifm


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