Are you a shy when it comes to sex? If you don’t like to ask for your husband’s attention directly, but at the same time you can’t deal with his indifference and lack of attention, we have a solution for you. Here are 16 subtle ways to seduce your husband and make him desire you:

1.  Subtle Sexy At-Home Attire

At home, wear something feminine like short pajamas, or a cotton shirt with a sexy cut. Avoid sexy lingerie that shows too much skin.

2. Eating and Eye Contact

Eat snacks and soft/hot drinks seductively slowly. Men sometimes find eating seductive, especially when there’s some eye contact involved.

 3. House Chores Made Sexy

Do simple house chores slowly where he’s sitting, fold some clothes or just tidy the seats and the couch. A subtle bend or by-mistake leg graze here and there won’t hurt…

4. Nutella Is Always a Winner

Surprise him with a small snack, like a Nutella and strawberry toasted sandwich, and present it to him in a romantic way, join him too if you want.

5. Your ‘Me Time’

Have some quality time alone reading a book and drinking tea in a quiet room. He’ll wonder where you are and why you’re being so quiet.

6. Talk to Him

Talk to him in a seductive voice, and tell him about your day, tell him funny stories about you and your day. Bring out your personality that he finds charming.

 7. Workout

In a separate room, take time for yourself to workout, dance or even do Zumba.

8. Something to Notice

Put on an interesting nail polish color you know he likes, and he’ll notice it right away.

9. Sexy Scents

Make sure you always smell good. Wear his favorite perfume, and also try to wear a different one every day to avoid boredom.

10. Light, Mood & Music

Turn down the lights, and just leave an indirect light. Also, turn on some light music. This romantic atmosphere creates a laid-back, relaxed and romantic mood.

11. The Top

Highlight your breasts, to make him notice them. Wear a V-neck top that leaves something to the imagination but is also subtly sexy and teasing.

12. The Not So Obvious Erogenous Zones

When your husband sits down to talk to you about his day, sit next to him and show interest. Play in his hair, even reach for his ears and neck, these are the not-so-obvious erogenous zones of the male body.

13. Massages

When he comes back from work, ask him if he’d like a massage with some natural oils. Set a romantic mood with low lights and romantic music. After you’re done, ask him to do the same for you, and he’ll be more than willing to do it.

14. Talk About Him and Sex

If you’re sitting down to watch TV together, talk to him about the things you like about his personality. Talk about sex and what you like that he does in bed. It will make him proud, and turn him on.

15. Trying on Clothes

When you buy new clothes, try them on in front of him and take his opinion.

16. Bed Head Hair

Always leave your hair down when you’re at home, wear something relatively backless, and play with your hair from time to time. Men find loose hair very sexy.