Government has renewed the curfew hours imposed on Alanavyo and Nkonya Townships from 8pm to 5:30am effective Sunday, May 21. 2017.

The latest move by the government comes in the wake of renewed clashes leading to sporadic gunshots that has resulted in the death of four persons in just about a month.

Latest shooting incident occurred Friday leading to the killing of a middle-aged woman.

Last week, a 12-year-old primary school boy, Prince Kwakutsey, was shot in the chest by unidentified gunmen who stormed his parents’ home.  A similar exchange of fire in April, resulted in the death of two persons in the volatile area.

Interior Minister Ambrose Dery in a statement said the decision was reached in consultation with the Volta Regional Security Council.

While commending the traditional leaders as well as opinion leaders in the two communities for the diverse roles they continue to play in ensuring peace in the area, the statement urged them “to use the established mechanisms for the resolution of all their conflicts and disputes”.

The statement further reminded the residents of the ban on live ammunitions are till in force and therefore cautioned them against flouting it.

“Meanwhile, Government will like to reiterate that, there is a ban on all persons in the two towns and their environs from carrying arms, ammunitions or any offensive weapon. And any persons found with arms or ammunitions will be arrested and prosecuted,” the statement advised.

The two communities have been at each other’s throat for more than a 100 years over a land covering an area of 6,459.82 acres that experts say is fertile for agrarian purposes.