In the wake of news regarding a Bird Flu outbreak on the 19th of July, the Government of Ghana has taken radical measures to contain a possible pandemic.

After a grueling past year from Covid, lessons have been learnt, old lifestyles changed and new ones adapted to fit in with the times.

Chicken is the cornerstone of many Ghanaian meals and there’s a good chance you’re wondering what better alternatives exist for you.

Although chicken and eggs are fantastic sources of protein, there are many other foods rich with necessary body-building nutrients. If you’re feeling a little antsy about chicken and eggs right now then never fear. Alternatives exist and they are just as staple and easy to buy.

It’s time to shake up your meals and get acquainted with these 10 alternative protein-rich foods.

1. Tuna

Doesn’t it look meaty? Stock up on this high-protein, versatile meat with its endless health benefits. Chock-full of omega-3 fish oil, tuna is great for managing and preventing heart disease and lowering blood pressure. High in potassium as well get the energy you need with your tuna-filled palava sauce.

2. Anchovies (Keta School Boys)

Quiet as it’s kept, these tiny fish are high in calcium and great for vision. Their salty taste offers something a little sharper for your taste buds. Adding them with your kenkey and stew or pepper sauce will not only balance your diet but also leave you lip-smacking from the great taste.

3. Dried Lentils

Lentils have huge fibre content. They’ll help you feel full for longer, so you’re not surpassing your daily calorie allowance. Throw them in your gravy or stews or even freshen things up with a lentil salad – this versatile and affordable protein alternative gives you so many options.

4. Pork

There’s a misconception that pork is an unhealthy fat-laden protein. Misconception. Pork is extremely rich in leucine, the amino acid responsible for supercharging your recovery after exerting your body. It’s versatile, tasty and can be put in jollof, stews and your Thursday special okro soup. Some rosemary-marinated pork too won’t be bad at all.

5. Groundnut Paste

Thank the Ghanaian Culinary gods for groundnut soup. Groundnut paste provides a healthy supply of protein that’s great for getting you ready to work. Also a vital source of healthy fats, take pleasure knowing your Sunday omotuo and groundnut soup is packed with the protein you need.

6. Sardines

Popular to most of us, sardines offer a wide range of health benefits. They are mostly known for their massive Vitamin D content. But did you know adding sardines to your diet will go a long way toward safeguarding you against disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer? Well now you know.

7. Oats

Oats have regained popularity in recent years and the main reason behind it is the high protein volume that it contains. Rich in fibre, magnesium, manganese, thiamine and vitamin B1, oats are practically the superfood in the cupboard that no one told you about. Oats contain 16.9 gm/100gm of protein and can be a fitting replacement for breakfast eggs.

8. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is relatively new in Ghana but fast making itself known. It is a curd that is low in fat and is really great in taste. It’s not only a great snack to have but also keeps your body’s protein and other nutrient’s requirements in check. So, in simple terms, we get 3.5gm/100 gm of protein from a no-fat Greek yogurt. Best eaten with fruits and berries, enjoy a bowl of Greek yogurt with bananas and groundnuts for a new protein-packed experience.

9. Broccoli

Broccoli is another super food on our protein alternative list. Full of vital nutrients, it contains high quantities of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fibre and protein. Broccoli is also known to contain micronutrients that boost powerful enzymes that help the body fight cancer cells by flushing them out. Although unpopular for its taste, Broccoli is known to have the highest amount of protein among other vegetables. Don’t mind the body, mind the engine?

10. Quinoa

Every vegan has been talking about this protein alternative. They might as well compose an ode for it (if they haven’t already). The truth is it has become one of the most favourite super foods in today’s world for all the right reasons. Quinoa is a storehouse of many vitamins and minerals and to top that, it is also one of the best fiber and anti-oxidants foods out there. Bye-bye, constipation and cancer cells. Get your fibre and protein all in this food which will surely have you energised. Here are some versatile recipes just in case you decide to experiment with this superfood.