Sierra Leone’s mudslide death toll has now passed 400 as hundreds are still missing according to the United Nations.

Several countries have come to the aid of the West African country including Ghana.

The government is sending relief items estimated at one million dollars, the Ministry of Information has said.

Pictures coming from Sierra Leone are quiet heartbreaking.

1. Woman grief over disaster. She is being consoled by a sad looking man.

2. Rescue mission desperately searching for missing bodies.

3. Family members line up in pouring rain to identify loved ones’ remains.

4. Man carrying coffin of a loved is too heartbreaking to look.

5. Over 300 graves dug to bury the dead.

6. People watch as disaster unfold

`7. Children were not spared either

8. Pain and anguish spreads through the nation


9. Buildings damaged

10. Man swimming through the flood. Cars being carried away.