Executive Director of Water Resources Commission (WRC), Mr. Ben Ampomah, has called on government and other stakeholders in the sector to device ways and means to protect the country’s water sources.

His call comes on the assertion that Ghana was likely to import water from overseas by 2030 if nothing was done to protect its water bodies.

Speaking in an interview with Today on the sideline of the 62nd National Level Learning Alliance Platform (NLLAP) forum held in Accra last week, he noted that importing water from overseas was not the best option for the country.

“How many tankers, gallons or cubic feet of water can the country import a day to meet the demands of Ghanaians?” he enquired.

The executive director of WRC explained that water crisis will soon become a major international issues hence every country across the globe was doing everything possible to protect and persevere their water sources.

“Which country in the midst of global water crisis will sell its water to us?” he asked?

Mr. Ampomah was of the view that what we need to do currently as citizens was to come together and reverse the rate at which “our water bodies are being destroyed by human activities to persevere those water sources for the future and not to think of importing water.”

Mr. Ampomah also advocated for wastewater treatment and re-use for gardening

The forum, which was organised by Resource Centre Network (RCN) Ghana with support from the Netherlands WASH Programme (GNWP) was on the theme: “Wastewater Treatment and Re-use in Ghana: Prospects for Sustainable Development”.

source: Today