Nana Agradaa

Repented fetish priestess, Agradaa and her husband, have given their love a second chance after what seemed to be a dirty separation.

Agradaa lashed out at her husband after accusing him of being a puppet of their spiritual father, for which he refused to give her the needed support when she built her new church.

She, among other things, labelled her husband useless, even to the point of ordering him to pack out of her house, which happens to be their matrimonial home.

Agradaa also threatened to go violent and bloody should her husband ever lay a foot in her church to lead ministration.

In a new twist, she has announced on social media that they have settled their differences and they are back to their lovey-dovey state.

She, however, did not show any remorse for badmouthing her husband, as she believes it helped him better understand her frustration.

She mocked Ghanaians who wished her home to break, adding that the bond between her husband and herself is tighter than before.

Agradaa stated that she has been appeased by her husband with cash and some good bedmatics.