Audio+Photos: Fake abortion doctor arrested

Source: Kwame Kulenu/Adom News   

Police at La in Accra have arrested a man masquerading as a medical doctor and performing abortion on unsuspecting women at Bukom in the Greater-Accra Region.

The suspect, Godwin Kwame Dadzawa, according to the La Police Commander, Superintendent Oduro Amaning, terminates pregnancies for young girls under life-threatening condition in a dilapidated structure.

Superintendent Oduro Amaning said the suspect was arrested upon a tip-off from a lady who had suffered some complications during a procedure at the suspect’s premises.

The operations of Dadzawa, according to the lady, has put several lives of young women in Bukom and its environs in danger.

She said his clients are admitted for at least four hours in the stuffy and unhygienic rooms after going through the abortion process before they are released to go home.

Antibiotics, painkillers, and blood tonics are administered to the victims after the abortion.

Superintendent Oduro Amaning said his outfit is processing the suspect for court as soon as possible.

But the suspect has denied the allegation that he has been parading himself as a doctor, explaining that he is a Male Nurse at a clinic in the area but people have chosen to call him doctor.

“I am not a doctor but rather a nurse, but people in this area and even the police commander in Bukom call me doctor and so I accepted that in good faith and decided to help the ladies in the area” he told Adom News’ Kwame Kulenu.

Listen to the fake doctor