Bang!!! That was the noise 32-year-old Gifty Nuname heard in the kitchen of her pastor’s home the night after she had said ‘I do’ to her husband.

After being romantically involved with Stephen for so many years, Miss Nuname and her would-be husband finally decided to settle down. 

 “We decided to settle down after many years of dating, and because we didn’t immediately have the money to organise our wedding we saved for close two years to be able to have our wedding,” she said. 

Days to the wedding, she said she and her husband-to-be moved out of their room to go occupy a room in their church’s mission house to make room for her in-laws.

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Genesis of her troubles

Speaking on Y’asem Nie, the social discussion segment on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, she said her mother-in-law upon arrival and setting her eyes on her son begun to cry uncontrollably and asserted she did not like the state of her son, “my soon-to-be-husband.”

This, she said, troubled her soul, but she ignored her mother-in-law’s weird behavior towards her soon-to-be husband. 

Just a day prior to their wedding, Miss Nuname recalled another weird behavior put up by Stephen’s two sisters.

“The night to the wedding, Stephen’s sisters attacked me and hurled insults at me for no apparent reason.

But that did not stop me from getting married to Stephen, we went ahead to get married the next day and went to the church’s mission house where we were temporarily staying,” she said.

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Wedding night

“When we got to the mission house, my newly wedded husband, who was very hungry started to consume some jollof rice left behind for us by his family but although hungry, I decided to go to bed,” she added.

According to her, she was awoken from her sleep by some strange noise made by Stephen.

Seeing how strangely her husband was behaving she started to pray, but seeing that her prayers were having no meaningful effect on her husband, she run to call her pastor to come salvage the fast deteriorating situation. 

“I was very sad when my husband started behaving weird, so after some unsuccessful prayers of mine I quickly ran to call my pastor to intervene. My pastor then came and asked him what was wrong with him, but all he kept saying was that his mother had called him to come,” she narrated.

“My pastor was able to calm him to go wear a cloth to cover himself in the kitchen only to hear a loud noise from the kitchen few minutes later. We rushed to the kitchen and realised that he had vanished leaving behind only his slippers,” she noted. 

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A now tearful Miss Nuname said, all doors to the building were locked and there was nowhere a person could escape out of the building without being noticed or heard of.

Miss Nuname, who kept crying throughout the show, said the whole incident happened like a movie scene to her as she could not believe what was happening to her.

Stephen was later reported to have been found dead after being hit by a truck in the middle of the The Tema Motorway.

Two years after the unfortunate incident, she said she heard her late husband’s family accused her of being behind her husband’s woes.

Miss Nuname, who is an indomie seller, has three children with her late husband and says he is unable to cater for them.

Source: | Dorcas Abedu-Kennedy