Some drivers and commuters travelling from Assin Fosu towards Kumasi direction suffered the full brunt of armed robbers at Assin Endwa in the Assin North district of the Central Region.

At around 1:00 am Monday, the robbers, numbering about 7 and all masked up, took over the main road to launch their attack.

An articulated truck driver, who was travelling from Takoradi to Tamale, narrated that the gun-wielding men subjected them to severe beatings with sticks and gun butts.

Items robbed included cash, mobile phones, travelling bags etc. They also took away the keys of about three saloon cars.

After taking possession of monies and items belonging to the passengers, the robbers asked the victims to work very hard so that they can get more money in their next attack.

One of the victims told Adom News’ Samuel Alfred Amoh the robbers assured that they will not to kill them, but dispossess them of their property.

“They gathered all of us at one location. We were many. One of the robbers stamped his feet on me and told me that they won’t kill us because all they came for is money. They told us they will spare us after handing out everything. He added that we should work hard so next time we will give more when they encounter us,” he recounted.

“The beating was an eyesore. As I speak to you now, my back and knee all hurts as they hit me with sticks in those parts of my body. He demanded for the rest of my money and when he realized I did not have any, he left me,” he added.

Another victim, who happens to be an articulator truck, said one of the robbers approached him under the pretext of needing help. He was robbed at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, the Assin Praso District Police Commander, DSP Moses Osakonor, confirming the incident, said before the operation, the robbers blocked the road with an Articulator truck.

He said the injured victims have been sent to St. Francis Xavier Hospital at Assin Fosu for treatment.

He reiterated that his outfit will intensify patrols in that stretch.

However, an effort is being made to get the perpetrators arrested.

He also advised drivers and commuters to be extra careful when travelling at night.