Four months after tying the knot with Dita Schandorf, some women are still sending signals of interest in Trigmatic.
The radio personality cum musician has indicated that he receives messages from some female friends and even though they do not state their intentions, he is able to tell from the conversation.
“There has been pressure, before and after the marriage. Some want to give you a hint so they add ‘honey’ or ‘dear’ to text messages. It’s worrying. They don’t care whether you’re married or not but it’s human. People get adventurous when they know there is danger. They are not emphatic but you can’t infer,” he said on The Delay Show.
The rapper however noted that he is not moved because he has “a way of dealing with it”.
Admitting that there were many friends who desired to be his wife before he got engaged, Trigmatic said there was no connection since he has always been the reserved type.
He mentioned that his decision to marry Dita was informed by her love for God.
“I’m a believer so I take it from that angle that whatever I do should be God-driven. There is nothing like coincidence. I realized she fears God, we understand ourselves. Both of us didn’t see it coming. We just decided to marry… There is risk involved in everything.
“There were other ladies but they were not close. I don’t go out. I don’t do what they wish we do. They were the outing type and I was mostly in church because I am a leader.
“I can’t say I haven’t hurt anyone. I got messages from people and I was shocked. I wasn’t having intimate relationship with anybody,” he said.