The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in Nigeria has arrested a Chadian lady, Vivien Tarmadji, who attempted to board a flight en route to Addis Ababa-Italy with hard drugs.

She was arrested with 234.35 grams of heroin wrapped in 18 beads concealed in her private part.

The lady, who runs a salon business in Italy, said she was contacted by a man who called her from Italy to collect the drug from a client.

Lady arrested with heroin in private part

She added the client delivered the illicit substance to her in a hotel she lodged in Lagos early in the morning before she took her flight to Abuja the same day for onward journey to Italy.

She further claimed that the man brought 50 wraps of heroin for her to swallow but she couldn’t, and as such, she decided to insert 18 wraps into her private part and returned the remaining to the man who brought the drug to her in the hotel.

The suspect said she came to Nigeria to raise money to pay for her house and shop rents which had expired in Italy, as life had been so difficult because of COVID-19.

She revealed the owner of the drug was to pay her 10,000 Euro for the successful delivery of the drug to Italy, a deal too mouthwatering to refuse.