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Wiyaala’s epic reply for not holding shows at stadium, event centers


Ghanaian Afro-pop singer, Wiyaala has responded to inquiries about her choice of venues for performances while offering insights into her unique approach to holding shows.

The artiste, known for her distinctive style and powerful performances, addressed questions from fans during an interactive session.

Following an announcement that she will be holding her next show at the Alliance Fran├žaise, a fan inquired why she opts for such venues instead of larger spaces like stadiums and event centres.

In response, Wiyaala said her approach to shows is different.

She emphasized that her craft, as well as her targeted audience, sets her apart from other artistes who may choose more conventional venues.

Another inquisitive fan pointed out that, Ghana is not her target hence the reason she is not so interested in the conservative type of performances other artistes will opt for.

Responding to the fan, Wiyaala refuted the notion, stating that she indeed has Ghana at heart.

She referenced her numerous performances for Ghanaian audiences and affirmed her connection to the country.

The question and answer session took a lighthearted turn when a fan inquired about Wiyaala’s age.

In a playful approach, she sarcastically said she is 83.

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