Twitter | photo: CNN
Twitter | photo: CNN

Elon Musk recently announced that any user could get the verified check mark on Twitter, but now, after the feature went live, many are being met with an error that reads ‘Twitter Blue not available in your country’ when they attempt to purchase verification.

The new feature will distinguish the previously-verified accounts from the ones that have obtained the check mark by paying for it – just to avoid confusion.

So, if you’re getting the ‘Twitter Blue is not available in your county’ message, here are the possible reasons.

Twitter support clearly states that the paid check mark is only available for iOS, at the time of writing. This means, users of Android and any other iOS simply cannot make use of the service.

And, even for iOS users, it is only available as an in-app purchase and not through the web.

On top of this, any Twitter accounts created on or after November 9, 2022, will not be eligible for Twitter Blue, at least for now. You can read more on this here. iOS users cannot get verified under their original criteria on or after November 9.

Twitter Blue has only been made available in certain regions – US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

If you reside in a different country, you simply can’t get your account verified by paying for it, at the time of writing.

Twitter Blue verification is available for $7.99 per month.


Several Twitter users are confused with the ‘Twitter Blue is not available in your country’ message they’re seeing while trying to get verified.

The reasons we have stated above should provide you with an explanation, but some users claim they’re being met with the error even though they live in a region where the feature is available.

One tweet reads: “#TwitterBlue gives me a ‘not available in your country’ message, but I live in Pennsylvania. How do I pay my $8? Trying to give you money, @elonmusk.”

“Is anybody else getting the “Twitter Blue not available in your country” error message even when your country is the United States,” added another.

A third user said: “Twitter Blue is on there but it says not available in your country for now.”


Previously, Twitter verified a certain account before handing them a blue check mark.

However, the accounts that receive a check mark under Twitter Blue will not undergo the typical review.

Furthermore, you can not change your display name, either on the previously-verified account or the new one, as the feature will be temporarily disabled “to minimize impersonation risks.”

The support page also notes: “Twitter Blue subscribers’ blue checkmarks may be taken away at any time for any reason at all by Twitter, including as the result of certain types of violations of the Twitter Rules.”