The ExecutiChamber of Petroleum Consumers of Ghana (COPEC), Duncan Amoah
Duncan Amoah

Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum of Consumers, Duncan Amoah, has revealed that the consumption rate of imported fuel by public officers exceeds 30% annually.

Mr Amoah, speaking on Accra-based Okay FM, disclosed that the cause of the citizen’s plight is the vehicle model used by public officials.

“The consumption percentage of imported fuel by public officials will exceed 30%. In Ghana, apart from long vehicle tracks that travel long distances, the saloon cars, and 4×4 models consume a lot of fuel,” he said.  

According to Mr Amoah, between 10 V8 models used in Ghana, six or seven out of them are owned by government officials who are getting free fuel.

This, he added, has led to the increase of taxes imposed on fuel from 84 pesewas to Gh¢2.64 per litre.