Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti has revealed that she was advised at a young age to retire from her work in the media when she turns 40.

According to the celebrated broadcast journalist, she may have not understood the advice then, but she picked up on the reasons later in life.

“Of course I left (GBC) when I was 42 but I got to understand that there are a lot of people who were having challenges with relationships and I had my fair share of it,” she said on Joy FM’s Strong and Sassy, Wednesday.

She told the host, Animwaa Anim Addo, that these challenges were mostly as a result of the perception people had about women in the media.

“People have all these thoughts about you, the rumour and the things that they will talk about as if they were there,” she explained.


She stated that although the situation seemed to have been better, many young women who are journalists are still going through what their predecessors went through.

Also speaking on the issue, Odelia Ntiamoah, head of the Joy Business team at the Multimedia Group, added that women at 40 and over are sometimes compared (in appearances) to younger people coming into the media.

“If you are not in a managerial position, it quickly gets complicated and you quickly ask yourself that what is the next for me?” she observed.

She added that at such times many women question how far they can go in their new circumstances, eventually leading to a retirement or a move to new avenues or opportunities.

“So sitting back and looking at where you currently are, you are asking yourself for how long will I be here for this amount of pay and that kind of treatment?” she said.