An experienced thief is in the mud after CCTV exposed how she stole a boxed phone from a shop.

A video that is circulating on social media details how the unidentified young woman requested to be shown samples of various phone brands to choose from.

Knowing fully well of her intentions, the lady thief struck what seems to be a happy conversation with the unsuspecting shop owner.

As the shop owner bent to pick the 11th phone for viewing, the lady saw an opportunity to act.

She quickly snatched one of the phones from the table and inserted it in between her legs, after which she quickly arranged the remaining 10 for showcase.

The lady continued with the conversation while moving around, without giving the shop attendant a single cause for suspicion.


The victim has cried out on social media, revealing she was in trouble for her carelessness.

She also stated the phone costs N60,000, equivalent to almost GH¢ 840, which she is required to pay to her employer.

Watch video below for more: