konongo accident
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The brother of Gabriel Senanu Ablordeppey, who died in the Ohene Nkwanta accident, was full of grief as he took custody of the personal belongings of his late brother and wife at the Konongo police station.

Emmanuel continued to the Stewards Hospital morgue at Yakwei for the remains of the deceased.

Emmanuel spoke to his late brother on Sunday while he and his wife were on board the OA bus.

Unknown to him, that was the last farewell message from his brother.

“It’s a great loss, but what can we do?  It’s hard. It’s very, very difficult,” he said.

Wa Technical University lecturer, wife among victims of Ohene Nkwanta gory  accident - MyJoyOnline.com

Together with his late brother and wife, they had joined other mourners in their hometown on Saturday preceding that Sunday night when the two had that ghastly accident.

“They were travelling on Sunday. We all went to the village for a funeral, so I came the same Saturday, but they came on Sunday, so he got to the OA station, he called me.

Wa Technical University lecturer, wife among victims of Ohene Nkwanta gory accident
Mrs. Christiana Ablordeppey

“Normally when he is leaving, he will call me and when he gets to Wa, he will call me. But yesterday around 12, I never expected his calls, so somebody called me from Wa that there is an accident on the road, so which car did my brother take. I quickly went to JoyNews on YouTube to search for it.

“Lo and behold, it was true. Truly true when we came, yes, it was my brother and then the wife,” Emmanuel recounted.

For Emmanuel and his family, there is nothing painful than losing breadwinners who left behind three children, with the eldest being an 11-year-old boy.

It’s difficult but I have nothing to say,” he said.

Emmanuel and his family are not the only ones hit by this devastating loss.

The family of 21-year old Abubakar Jimah who visited his sister in search of work in Accra were also at the morgue to convey the body to Bunkpurugu Yunyoo in the Savannah region.

This brings to nine, the number of victims of Sunday’s accident who have been identified by their respective families.

They also include two relatives who alongside 11 others, died on the spot.

Meanwhile, police say the driver of the DAF Cargo truck, Bayiblisi Madewe will be arraigned soon.