Ghanaian-born Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Emmanuel France, has registered his disappointment in the decline of Ghana’s Movie industry over the past years.

According to the veteran actor, he learnt how to direct, produce and shoot films in Ghana in 1960.

He explained that, ex-President of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, championing the importance of movies in developing a nation, set up the Ghana Film Unit to take over what the British colonial masters had established as the Gold Coast Film Unit in 1957.

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Mr France added that, the Ghana Film Industry Corporation was the only film Industry Corporation in Black Africa, hence was duly recognised in the Sub-region and beyond.

With the skills he attained from Ghana, he travelled to Nigeria which was then looking up to Ghana in the film space.

Explaining further, he said, “I started learning how to film in 1969, it’s been 50 years when we shot Kwaw Ansah’s film. And you come back to this county where Nkrumah established GAMA films in 1960s and we are still where we are. It took only four Osofo Dadzie stories and that is Nollywood today, so I don’t think we are doing too well because we don’t want to spend money on entertainment.”

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“Goodluck Jonathan paid 3 billion Naira for entertainment in Nigeria and now just four Osofo Dadzie’s stories have made over 2 million filmmakers in Nigeria, so I think Ghana should wake up,” he said.

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Source: | Dennis K. Adu