Former Member of Parliament (MP), Samuel Ayeh-Paye, has said the government will comply with UTAG’s proposals and needs if there is the ability to pay them.

According to him, the means to meet the demands of lecturers must be made available before their proposal is accepted.

“We have to look at the demands of the lecturers to see if the government can meet it or not,” he said.

“And before the government will come into a consensus regarding the demands of the lecturers, the ability to pay should be made available”, he added.


Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, he stated that the cause of the UTAG strike is an issue that hasn’t been catered for since 2015.

“If you look at what has triggered the UTAG strike, it is not an issue which just started but rather, it started from 2015 till now,” Mr Ayeh-Paye noted.

“So it is not in the interest of the government that the lecturers are on strike and students who are supposed to be in school are home and are not doing anything about it”, he added.

He further stated that the only way is to appeal to the lecturers to go back to school and teach the students.

“We only have to appeal to the lecturers to go and teach the students and be considerate with their proposals in order for the government to be able to meet their needs to help improve the educational system,” he said.