Uncle Ebo Whyte

Popular playwright and life coach, Ebo Whyte has shared his struggle with masturbation years ago.

As a virgin he thought that was the only way to satisfy his sexual pleasure.

Uncle Ebo Whyte, who is Artistic Director and lead writer at Roverman Productions, said he became an addict.

“I got married at the age of 29, a virgin. I wasn’t chaste or ‘holy’, I played around Canaan just hadn’t entered and earlier in my life, I had been addicted to masturbation from age 17 till I broke the addiction at age 21,” he said.

He revealed this as a teaser ahead of his ‘MATTA DEY’ relationship webinar.

He shared his experience on Facebook page:

Meanwhile, Uncle Ebo Whyte has written and directed over 45 plays for stage since 2008.