UFC star Francis Ngannou is grappling with profound grief following the tragic loss of his 15-month-old son, Kobe.

The devastating news was shared by Ngannou himself in a poignant social media post, where he poured out his heart about the sudden departure of his beloved son.

Ngannou expressed the depth of his sorrow, describing Kobe as his “little boy, mate, and partner” who brought immense joy and vitality into his life.

In his emotional message, Ngannou questioned the purpose of life in the face of such profound loss, expressing frustration at the unfairness and mercilessness of fate.

He shared his struggle to comprehend the pain of losing a child and appealed for guidance and support from anyone who might offer solace during this dark time.

The UFC community and fans worldwide have rallied around Ngannou, offering messages of sympathy, support, and encouragement as he navigates this unimaginable loss.