The Chief of Gomoa Mamfam has apprehended and handed over to the Awutu Bereku District Police Command, two persons for allegedly stealing a rented car part.

The suspects, identified as Kwabena Paul and Kwabena Abeka, are said to have rented the taxi from Accra to Gomoa Mamfam, Fetteh Kakraba and its environs.

Information gathered by Adom News‘ Kofi Adjei indicates that this is one of several acts carried out by the suspects and they have been on the radar of traditional authorities for some time now.

Speaking in an interview, the taxi driver, Alex Mensah, said Kwabena Abeka hired his services under the pretext of going to inspect his land at Gomoa Mamfram.

Upon arrival, the suspect, according to Mr Mensah, asked him to come along for the inspection during which he made several calls to an unknown person to give a situational report.

But unknown to him, his accomplice, Kwabena Paul, had come to where he parked the car to remove the exhaust popularly referred to as the silencer sold between GHS 3,000 and GHS 5,000.

“Just as we were returning from the site, two elders from the town approached us and said we have been summoned to the palace and I was worried because I had no idea what was happening. That was when they opened up about the modus operandi of the two suspects and when I went to check my car, they had indeed removed it,” Alex narrated.

The Chief, Nana Abekah Sika, said the suspects confirmed their notorious act after the Asafo members used minimum force on them.

The suspects are currently in the custody of the Awutu Bereku District Police Command assisting with investigations.

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