Suddenly we have all woken up to the realization that  ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is a right, that has to be enforced.

That no matter the circumstances, let the law take its course.

Many people have suffered this fate.  A couple of such cases have made headlines in the past.

Generally, there are two kinds of lives in Ghana.  A life with a voice and a life with no voice.  And the people of Denkyira- Obuasi touched a life with a voice.

So even though two more cases of similar killings have occurred since then, involving lives with no voice, not much is being heard about them.

My Big question today is, how do we use this as the wake up call, to end all needless killings …’voice or voiceless’?.

It’s going to be an eye opener show today.

My name is Nana Ansah Kwao IV, I knew no different, until I was educated..

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