The founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams says not all men of God are anointed to move with politicians.

In his view, it takes special grace and anointing to navigate such difficult terrains.

In an interview on Accra-based Citi FM to mark his 60th birthday said “I think that to relate to the powers that be is a calling, it’s an anointing and its grace”.

Making references to biblical times, the renowned man of God said “Daniel was called to stand in the courts of Kings, Princes and Princesses and he could speak against Kings and prophecy against them and they couldn’t touch him.

“Jeremiah was a prophet to the nation and anytime he spoke and prophecy against the Kings, he was put in prison. So everybody has his calling so I don’t believe that every pastor is called to deal with people in authority.”

“I don’t think that it’s every pastor that is called to deal with people in authority because it’s a very complicated and difficult terrain to navigate. “I’m a son of a politician so I think there is something in my DNA already when it comes to dealing with politicians.

I lived with them, I saw people like Okotwi Bekoe, Imoru Igala (Former Foreign Minister in the First Republic), Krobo Adusei who was my father’s friend. We lived in the same area, he used to walk from his house to my father…

“It is a calling, it is a grace, it is an anointing and that gives you the capacity to manage them because there are brigades of liars around people in authority and you have to be very wicked to deal with those people.”

He also narrated an ordeal he had to endure when he started his ministry indicating that he was monitored by the then government for about two years and accused of being a spy for the United States government.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams said he lost some friends and close colleagues who were harassed and questioned for associating with him.

The man of God also revealed that, “there are brigades of liars around people in authority and you’ve got to be very wicked to deal with those people because they don’t like you. When Lady Diana was asked what are you afraid of, she said she’s not afraid of anything but ‘The men in the grey suit’.

“Every nation has men in the grey suit and the people who influence the man that sits in the chair are very powerful people.”