Executive Director of Savanah Women Integrated Development Agency, Hajia Alima Saed, has accused some religious leaders of making the fight against child marriage difficult.

According to her, apart from hardship, cultural backgrounds and other known factors, some religious leaders have resorted to verses in the Quran and the Bible to justify the essence of child marriage.

Though she did not emphatically state any name, she noted her outfit realised this during a sensitisation programme at Damango in the Savannah Region.

“We all know child marriage is illegal under the constitution and the country is fighting to eliminate it but now some religious leaders who are for this bad practice are quoting scriptures to make their point strong,” she said.

A situation she described as worrying and needs to be tackled as quickly as possible before it gets out of hands.

“If you go to such people with the law, it may backfire because it is the constitution against religion and cultural believes. There should be a forum and get same scholars from both religions to counter them with scriptures to help deal with the situation,” she added.


She made the disclosure when World Vision Ghana and Girls not Brides-Ghana held a forum to undertake data Harmonisation on Child Marriage.

Meanwhile, she has appealed to Civil Society Organisations to champion the course against child marriage as there is still a growing trend of the menace.