Some upper primary students who study under trees in Bata, a community in Akatsi South municipality in the Volta Region are calling on the government to come to their aid.

According to them, they find it very difficult to focus when lessons begin because they lack amenities to support their education

Speaking to’s Gershon Mortey, one of the distressed students said whenever it rained they have to end classes abruptly over lack of a roof over their heads.

One hazard eminent facing them, they stressed, was the fact that snakes climb the trees they study under hence on some occasions they have had to kill some of them before they continue lectures.

Some of them also complained over the fact that birds poop on their books and other stuffs.

Additionally, the students said when it is about to rain, they call it a day because there is nowhere for them to wait for the rain to cease.

Photo of pupil learning under tree in Bata- Volta region

Interestingly, saw an existing project where the government was building a new classroom for the students six years ago but it has been abandoned since.


We don’t have food and water. Some of us live very far. We need more classrooms and schools in our communities because some of us are from far.

We also need uniforms and other things that will make us learn without disturbances, they stressed.

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