eShun exposes her ex-manager
eShun exposes her ex-manager

Singer eShun has been in the news for exposing her ex-manager, Stephen Mensah, who she claims maltreated and abused her to the core in their past relationship.

According to her, she opted out of the relationship for many reasons such as emotional torture and lack of affection but what scared her the most was when she realised her fiance was allegedly using pastors against her.

Narrating her ordeal to blogger Zionfelix, the Someone Loves Me hitmaker said anytime he had issues with his ex-manager, he would contract pastors to start messaging her on Facebook.

She continued that, all these pastors told her she was to be submissive to him because he was the destined husband for him.


It got to a point it was so bad I wanted to leave but I was stuck because he will blackmail you and have people call you.

I got a message from Facebook from one man claiming to be a prophet. He took my number and told me to take ‘my husband’ as he is, adding that, he will lead me to the promised land.

All the messages addressed me as Madam Ethel and that even got me more scared because no one knew about it. I showed it to him and we were not married yet.

I wanted out but I had to get to my promised land so I was enduring. He abused me and told me I am nothing and I haven’t done anything for him; I am a school drop-out. He body-shamed me. I wouldn’t lie…

Additionally eShun disclosed that she found out later that the pastor was the cousin to her husband-to-be.

It was later that I found out that he was conniving with the said pastor. The pastor confessed to me that he was a cousin to my fiancé where he opened up much about his family. That was the point I knew my prayers weren’t in vain.

All these things happened but you can’t move because he puts fear in me and I was stuck emotionally and psychologically, she said.