1. What is better?

You might have often heard people arguing about the health benefits of sea salt and table salt. Many believe sea salt is healthier, as it contains minerals. Well, it is sort of true. Both sea salt and Himalayan salt are less processed as compared to table salt and hence retain more minerals like magnesium and potassium.

But are these minerals really good for your health?

2. How are they processed?

Sea salt is produced by evaporation of ocean water or saltwater. It goes through very little processing. While table salt is mined from underground salt deposits. It is more heavily processed.

3. Sea salt vs. table salt

People think that due to the presence of minerals, sea salt is better than table salt. But in reality, both have the same basic nutritional value. Both of them also have the same amount of sodium by weight.

4. What study says …

According to a study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal, sea salt contains more than just minerals. You will be stunned to know that in most of the cases, plastic is also leeched into the sea salt. This happens due to the presence of plastic bags and debris in the sea water.

5. The iodine content in table salt

Traditional table salt is more processed than sea salt. It is obvious for it to be devoid of natural minerals. But you can be assured that it is properly refined and does not contain any harmful microplastics.

However, the salt producers in the early 90s started adding iodine to table salt, which is an important mineral and good to keep your thyroid level in control.

6. Daily intake of salt

It is always advised to consume salt in moderation for staying healthy. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends less than 5 grams of salt per day, which is equal to one teaspoon.

7. Bottom Line

Both the salts have the same health benefits, as they contain the same amount of sodium by weight. In any case, they should not be consumed in excess. Consumption of salt should be as per the requirement of the body.

source: TNN/timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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